FRIDAY BITES – 08/02/2013

This is the first in our series of Friday Bites. It’s just a collection of unrelated, interesting links that we wanted to share and hope you find interesting. Have a good week people!

First off… here’s an interesting one about how you’ll continue to believe lies – even after you’ve been told that they’re false! False beliefs persist, even after instant online corrections

If you’re interested in making sure no one is telling you fibs… have a look at this collection of resources on deception and how it relates to body language, statement analysis, micro expressions, forensic psychology, etc… Detecting Lies – Research and Resources

Kindness makes you happier – it’s a fact! Kindness key to happiness and acceptance for children “Children who make an effort to perform acts of kindness are happier and experience greater acceptance from their peers”

Is your robot struggling to understand social interactions? This may be the answer to all your problems… Head-mounted cameras could help robots understand social interactions

We all get that feeling that time is dragging when we’re bored, and that it seems to flash past when we’re having fun, research now shows that emotions actually do affect our awareness of the passing of time… A stopwatch on the brain’s perception of time

Struggling with revision?? Try getting out for a jog! Brief exercise immediately enhances memory

And listen to this while you’re running – All in the Mind “BBC Radio 4: All in the Mind – In this episode: (1) ‘Mind mindedness’ – a new technique assisting with the formation of mother-infant attachment in situations where the mother is suffering from mental illness. (2) The communication of the long-term effects of drugs used to treat mental illness. (3) Poetry-inspired science: advancements in dyslexia research”

If you’re studying Parkinson’s take a look at some of the real case studies on YouTube

Forty years later and the Stanford prison experiment is still making headlines… Stanford prison experiment continues to shock

It’s Friday but Monday will always come round again so have a read of this… Blue Monday: a depressing day of nonsense science (again)


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