FRIDAY BITES – 15/03/13

Happy Friday again, everyone! I hope you all haven’t been sneakily eating into your Easter eggs already (I won’t tell if you won’t) – it is still a bit too early for that, after all!

Anyway, what non-chocolately treats do we have for you this week?

Firstly, the not-so-non-chocolatey, Psychology of our Desire for Chocolate! And if anyone’s accidentally eaten too much chocolate and suddenly become inexplicably unattractive, infants show a preference for unattractive male body shapes

A couple of very interesting pieces here on the complexity of the brain, and the ‘wired and wireless‘ components of the brain.

If you didn’t see Horizon last night, there was an excellent programme about the combination of neuroimaging ang behavioural tasks to investigate creativity and how insight works.

Maybe anger is not always destructive…ever thought about the uses of anger in medieval and early modern medicine?

And to finish up for this week, a very inspirational tale of mental illness which speaks against stigma surrounding schizophrenia…

…a lovely blog about the battle with depression

…and why more academics should blog!


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