Friday Bites – 12/04/2013

Hello! It’s that time of the week again and we have a collection of links for you. Let’s get to it…

Is asking children to rate your sanity the best way to get them to understand mental health?

A new study shows that aggression can be reduced in quite a simple way.

A nice little article detailing a selective processing experiment – we essentially don’t process everything we see to save time.

No one line explanation would do this next link justice, it is astonishing – see through brain imaging!

Neuroimaging can also apparently detect whether pain relieving drugs are working.

An inspiring TEDxYouth talk about dealing with and overcoming Dyslexia.

An excellent discussion on TED Conversations – How might gaming and crowd-sourcing change the future of science?

An interesting article, scientifically proven signs you are in love

We have previously posted about Jon Ronson, his TED Talk and his book The Psychopath Test. TED has put together an excellent blog post containing three articles about what it means to be normal. He also has a BBC Radio 4 series called Voices in the Head.

How well can we predict criminality based on fMRI data?

Is the field of Neuroscience in recession? 

A timeline of defining schizophrenia.

A completely new brain pathway has been implicated in the mouse model of Autism.

Pleasure brain areas are involved when you listen to popular music.

Are men or women better at multitasking?

Why do older people get lost more easily?

Neuroscience is not very reliable according to some, how useful is it actually? When reading about neuroscience research, there are 5 steps you need to follow to protect yourself from neuro-nonsense.

A lot of people are studying hard for exams right now (good luck!) so here is one especially for you – 7 studies which give insights into what motivates us to work.

Finally, being a bit topical, the Thatcher Illusion (from The Rough Guide to Psychology)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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