Friday Bites – 26/04/2013

Happy Friday! Time for another round of exciting Psychology links, here we go…

A very interesting piece of research, where you stand in a lift reflects your social status.

How parents around the world describe their children, in chart form!

Mentally vulnerable individuals have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

You’ve heard of introverts and extroverts right? Well here is a new one for you – ambiverts.

This one is quite relevant (especially around exam time) for students – the ” gloomy mindset of students vulnerable to depression can be contagious

Want to save money? Have fewer bank accounts!

A popular method right now in Neuroscience, magnetic brain stimulation, could possibly remove cigarette cravings.

Can virtual reality treat addiction? Here is an exploration of the idea.

A short interesting piece about the mind as the body.

Does Brain Training actually work?

Another amazing breakthrough in the world of stem cells – they have been used to create brain cells.

My job sucks – does that mean I suck?

This is a brilliant breakthrough – consciousness emerging in the brains of babies has been recorded for the first time.

A nice review of how exactly brain scanners can now peek into our minds to see what we’re thinking. We posted a news article about “decoding dreams”, and this is a in depth breakdown of study.

How animal rehab works!

A light feel good story to end – calming rats by tickling them!

That’s all folks! Have a good weekend!

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