Friday Bites – 24/05/13

Happy Friday once again as we are back with the latest series of Friday Bites!

It’s been a manic few weeks for most, with exams and deadlines and various other stressful events! So what interesting tid-bits do we have for you this week?

So has having all that stress created you a sleep debt? This article discusses the plausibility of ‘catching up’ on sleep, and the benefit of having a nap!

Watch that body-clock, though! A particularly interesting area of research suggests a link between ‘broken’ body clock and depression.

Fantastic disorders of perception describes an unusual case of perceptual distortion apparently very different to that of a ‘classic’ hallucination.

Are you partial to an odd conspiracy theory? This piece considers just why even the most rational people might buy into conspiracy theories.

And whether or not you are a fan, The Apprentice has recently returned to our screens, and this ‘psychological assessment’ gives a somewhat amusing account of just why we might love/hate the show.

Does practice really make perfect? Some research suggests that practice only accounts for a small variation in chess expertise or musical ability.

How would you feel about having your handwriting analysed in a job interview? This article discusses the use of pseudo-scientific graphology in interviews and some related research.

On a not-so-distant note, does where you sign your name affect how honest you are?

And last but not least, an interesting account of goal-setting in patients with depression.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


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