Friday Bites – 21/06/13

Morning y’all, and what a happy morning it is – yup, it’s a Friday morning, so get turning those frowns upside down!

Speaking of, it’s been thought for a while that the literal act of reversing a frown actually elicits happiness (see Ekman for an authority on this and emotions in general), but a study released this month extends these findings by explaining how sunglasses make you less of a jerk in the coming months of Summer!

Big signatures signal big egos according to an intriguing little study reported by Priceonomics this week that correlated signature size and narcissism.

A great post on BodyinMind will grant you a few things you perhaps hadn’t considered when it comes to phantom limbs: that we all have them, and that there’s a polar opposite disorder where afflicted persons are under the impression they have too many limbs! Xenomelia has been dubbed the negative phantom limb.

A new and unsettling hypothesis is rearing its head in the field of abnormal psychology as the insanity virus theory of schizophrenia gains momentum.

An interesting piece explains why familiarity encourages sped-up perception of time: the Well-Travelled Road Effect, part of a series of posts by PsyBlog on the fascinating cognitive biases – how many do you know?

Adding to the pile of research avowing to the pros/cons of video games, a new article illustrates that gamers process visual information faster. That’ll make up for the supposed negative effects of all those eye-gasmic next-gen games, right?

That packet of digestives in the periphery of your vision might stay in the periphery of your thoughts, but fear not – there’s strength in numbers! In people that is, not digestives; new research suggests why ganging up on forbidden fruit helps reduce its temptation.

This Friday’s blog in the spotlight: the Cool Psychology Blog. Describing itself as a blog that “talks about real psychology research papers produced by psychologists from around the world that are so fascinating that you can’t help but say “Wow – that’s cool!”” it includes posts  about what death feels like and how we really are fooled by the ‘.99’ price trick, and we are forced to agree!

Oh, and news just in: BBC has just reported the publication of the first high-res map of the brain, dubbed Big Brain, captures around 80 billion neurons in its scope!

That’s it! Time to kick back, fill your ears with some Michael Gray, and have yourselves a lovely weekend!


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