FRIDAY BITES – 05/07/2013

Hello again!

It is another Friday and we have another assortment of lovely links regarding all things Psychology for you – let’s get to it…

An excellent post from the blog Depression Time highlighting that many people don’t get mental health treatment because they simply can not afford it in the USA. Another excellent piece is this one regarding mental health stigma. It is an excellent blog overall and I would highly recommend having a browse around.

A BBC Horizon documentary, What Makes Us Human, presented by Professor Alice Roberts who is Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham.

A beautiful little TED video playlist about Autism.

Some advice for Psychology Undergraduates, specifically first year, but relevant to all years.

A skeptic’s view on reading body language

The boy who learned to speak again even after losing the left hemisphere of his brain, which is implicated in language.

An excellent overview of the must read book, How To Stay Sane by psychotherapist Philippa Perry. BrainPickings is also a must read blog, take a look around!

An insightful TED radio hour show – “Your life’s turning point — whether it happens in an instant or is the culmination of gradual change — could occur tomorrow. Would you be ready for it? How would you reconcile your former self with the person you’ve become?”

A BBC Radio 4 show exploring the psychological side of lie detection and whether fMRI can be effective for this purpose.

Over on BBC iPlayer you can catch up on Don’t Call Me Crazy, a series set in a mental health inpatient unit for teenagers. The charity Mind also have published a blog post about the show.

a blog from the New York Times exploring the seasonality of suicide,

Women pretending to be someone else, using a different name on a test, are better at maths

A man’s depth perception was greatly improved after watching the film Hugo in 3D at the cinema.

An argument for less sensationalism in scientific papers.

Exercise reorganises the brain to be more resilient to stress and anxiety.

How father’s shape their daughters romantic relationships.

The Brains of boys and girls respond differently to humour.

And finally, an excellent book which has just been released, 50 Ideas You Really Need To Know About The Human Brain. And another which is a beautiful book explaining Alzheimer’s and can be especially useful for explaining the condition to a young child.

Thanks for reading,

Happy Friday!


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