Here are some things you might want to know about us…

(1)  This is a student run Psychology blog.

(2)   We’re Psychology Undergraduates and Postgraduates at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

(3)   (And you may have seen this one coming) We like Psychology… a lot… as in we like it so much the word love might be more appropriate… and to show the world just how much we love it, we’ve created a blog all about Psychology.

Now we know that’s a big topic – Psychology has existed for thousands of years (under one name or another) and it spans countless fields, perspectives and ideologies – but we think this is only a good thing. It gives us more to post about for a start. It lets us hop all over the place. While we’re studying about synapses in the brain that control eating, we can post about what personality traits are found in politicians, why some people believe in ghosts, why babies will cling to washing lines, can robots think, what makes a man murder.

We want to go back to that time. That time before deadlines and exams, before we had to somehow recruit real participants for our own research (without using chocolate). That time when we read a study and our first thought was “wow”, when we spotted something Psychology related in the news and got all excited because we knew what they were going on about.

(4)   Therefore we are going to post about interesting Psychology-related things…

(5)   …Because we want to share all this Psychology-enthusiasm with you, dear reader.

Yours psychologically,

The PsyBites Team

Contact + Write For Us

If you’ve read number (3) and thought “actually they sound a bit like me” we would love it if you want to contribute to the blog as well (the more contributors, the more interesting things we can post about). So contact us via Facebook, Twitter or email us at psybites@gmail.com to send us an article or discuss an idea. Contributed articles, which are much appreciated, will undergo an editing and review process. We apologise to those whose articles are not selected for blog publication, but the decision of the editors is final.


Written by students at the University of Birmingham, this blog’s content only reflects the views and opinions of students at the University of Birmingham (funny, that), and not the said University in any way, shape or form, nor any of its constituent departments. That is, unless, in the event of success much dreamed-of by the PsyBites Team, the blog extends its reach to other Universities or audiences, in which case this denial of responsibility extends to those contributing students’ respective universities and/or employers also.

Much to the potential disdain of our writers and editors, none of us are being paid to blog – we do it, of course, for the huge intrinsic motivational value inherent in all study of psychology. We are not responsible for any factually inaccurate content (that may be inclusive, but not limited to, the content of the last sentence), and any content posted, including link destinations, will have been accurate at the time of posting. As a result, we cannot be held responsible for the content of external links. Images that may accompany the articles may not be owned by contributors or members of the Team, in which case these will be courteously credited to their respective sources. As students, the Team wish to cap the limit of any financial responsibility (in the unfathomable circumstance where this is required) as such that it does not serve to detriment the individual’s ability to continue study, nor to compromise his/her usual attendance of Fab ‘N’ Fresh, without additional sources of income being required.

The Team will not be held responsible or liable for any content from either: writers contributing from outside the Team, or individual comments on existing blog posts. We reserve the right to edit or delete comments which we deem inappropriate or offensive in any way.

We will also not be held responsible for derogatory or defamatory content bound to government, religious, or other laws from the reader’s country of origin, nor libel resulting from issues in translation or interpretation. We are not responsible for any offence caused by the shocking level of ambition implicit in the prior statement. Finally, in cases where responsibility is not denied by the terms of this disclaimer, only the individual author may be held responsible for his/her work and him/her alone.

Last but most definitely not least – all articles posted onto our blog are subject to copyright, so don’t use our lovingly-crafted writing for anything other than exciting your mesolimbic dopaminergic system without our consent, please! (We also reserve the right to use jargon. [Ed: so long as it’s properly cited/explained, of course – look back to your 1st year psychobiology notes for that one. {Oh, and we reserve the right to use brackets in brackets, or brackets in brackets in brackets, as is wittily illustrated here.}])

A notation on denotation:  ‘We’/’The Team’/’The PsyBites Team’ or any other derivative refers to the team of fantastic writers and editors, as detailed on ‘The Team’ page, who have lent their time to your enjoyment of this blog.

Now, stop reading the boring legal stuff and get back to your recommended daily intake of PsyBites!


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