Sam Molyneux (Co-founder, Co-Lead Editor and Writer)

Formally put, I’m a second year Psychology BSc student at the University of Birmingham. Not having studied psychology before my time at UoB, I’ve spent the last couple of years discovering interests I didn’t know I had, nor would ever have known, had I not made a leap of faith into a brand new subject which I’ve found is as varied as it is fascinating. This discovery is at the heart of what what we’re trying to with PsyBites. For me, the interests I’ve discovered centre around how physical cells and chemicals produce the abstract mind, including the reciprocal interactions between the mind and its biological foundations; the universal principles through which the mind operates and how these principles explain everyday decisions and interactions, through to the need for something more, as embodied in the realms of stories and religion. Tweet me or contact me at sdm157@bham.ac.uk!

Rosa Kemeny (Editor and Writer)

I am a Psychology student at the University of Birmingham. In the final year of my degree, I have studied Understanding Emotions: A Neurocognitive Perspective; Parental Cognition, Psychopathology & Behaviour; Visual Cognitive Neuroscience & Art; and Communities & Social Action. Although I am curious about most Psychology-related topics, I am particularly interested in wellbeing and emotional regulation. I am currently working on the book review section of the site, editing and writing. All reviews are welcome. If you have read a Psychology-related book and have thoughts you want to share, please contact me at rxk128@bham.ac.uk.

Sophie Smart (Editor and Writer)

I am currently in the third year of my Psychology BSc at the University of Birmingham. As an aspiring Clinical Psychologist I am very interested in psychological disorders but also have an interest in issues surrounding mental health and psychopathy. I have also studied Philosophy and English Literature and as such am interested in the crossover with Psychology. Contact me on Twitter, on LinkedIn or email me at ses165@bham.ac.uk.

Charlotte Pugh (Editor and Writer) 

I’m Charlotte, a third year Psychology student at The University of Birmingham. I am currently developing through a career in supporting individuals with additional needs, I see the world from a different perspective, I want to help to enable individuals to live independently, because with independence often comes confidence, something crucial for the development of self-belief and esteem. I am a volunteer for Samaritan’s and UK YAP and work as a support worker for the charity MacIntyre supporting adults with severe intellectual disabilities. I chose to study Psychology as I am naturally inquisitive person, I enjoy analysing the behaviour of other people and have done since being a child – always asking ‘Why?’ until my parents couldn’t take it any more! I am currently working on my dissertation which is a qualitative project exploring the experiences of women’s pregnancy and childbirth. Carrying out my own piece of research has been a process I have very much enjoyed. I hope to develop my personal skills and qualities through further education and work experience, I am always looking for a challenge and I really enjoy writing about current interests in the world of Psychology. Contact me via email on charlottepugh7@aol.com or CXP026@bham.ac.uk.

Sarah Gancarczyk (Editor and Writer)

I am a fourth year MSci Psychology and Psychological Research student at the University of Birmingham, due for completion June 2013. During my time at Birmingham I have developed an interest in social cognition. In my third year dissertation I researched non-conscious decision making, and I am currently using eye-tracking technology to research personality traits. I can be contacted at sxg920@bham.ac.uk

Steph Acaster (Writer)

I am currently a second year BSc Psychology student at the University of Birmingham. I have a variety of interests within Psychology, although my main areas of interest at the moment lie among psycholinguistics- particularly understanding meaning in language, and the relationship between thought and language; mental representation and social cognition; individual differences and personality; and mental health and challenging stigma; and cognitive neuropsychology. I also volunteer as a research assistant, most recently working on a social cognition project, investigating self- and other- perspective-taking. Email me at sla199@bham.ac.uk or tweet me!

Atiyya Nisar (Writer)

I am a first year Psychology BSc student at the University of Birmingham. I initially became interested in Psychology during after-school classes in high school and my fascination with the field has carried on growing ever since.  My main interests currently lie in mental health disorders and neuroscience, although as I am only a first year I’m sure they will continue to evolve!  Contact me at axn149@bham.ac.uk.


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